How To Make Your Home Windows Look Nice

How To Make Your Home Windows Look Nice

modern-curtains-ideasWindows are an integral component of any type of property, more so for homes because they ought to be distinct. Commercial properties, whether they are stores or offices, can have floor to ceiling glass windows with little or no décor whatsoever. The glass is often transparent for stores and translucent for offices. We are not delving into the glazing or double glazing attribute as that has more to do with insulation than the aesthetics of windows.

Residential windows cannot be treated in the same way and they do not have to emulate the simplicity or blandness of commercial windows. In the latter scenario, transparent or translucent glass serves a purpose. Windows at home are utilitarian and must be functional but they must also be aesthetically pleasing. Since most homes are likely to have a certain décor, if not theme, the windows too should complement the setting. Windows do contribute to the ambience of a space and they can have a ripple effect on how well lit a room is, if there is enough ventilation and what kind of vibe you would experience within a confined space, whether the windows are open or close.

1) One of the first demands of any type of windows in homes is curtains or some kind of shade. You may go for blinds or shades in some rooms. Some rooms will demand curtains. A living room may have blinds or shades. A home office or study may have either or a combination of both if there are enough windows. Bedrooms look and feel much better with curtains. Living rooms too will look much better with made to measure curtains. The choice of fabric, the sheer elegance and the resulting aesthetic impact of made to measure curtains has no equal. There are many types of blinds and shades that can be as insulating as drapes or curtains but the latter would always look more aesthetically pleasing. You may or may not go for made to measure curtains for bathrooms or utility areas. These spaces often fare better with smoked or tinted glass. You can have shades in kitchens, bathrooms, utility areas and garages. That is if you have large enough windows in these rooms or spaces.

2) You can always choose decorative glass or film for your windows. Very few homes have windows entirely made of wood. Glass allows sufficient natural light even when the windows are closed and the curtains are drawn apart. Using an aesthetic film or choosing a glass that has been treated to sport a certain visible attribute can be an effective way to make your home windows look nice. There is no dearth of options but you must choose a particular treatment or kind of film that suits your interior décor. You can go for stained or frosted glass. You can go for such designs while choosing films as well. The accentuation of your windows must complement the setting or décor of a room. Else, it could be in harmonious contrast. The window treatments or décor cannot be in direct conflict with the rest of the room or space.

3) Beautification of windows is mostly confined to interior decorating but the exterior matters too. The curb appeal of your home will depend more on how it looks from the outside. You should delve beyond interior decorating to beautify your windows. You can use exterior shutters. If you think shutters are for hot and humid places, then you are failing to imagine how great they would look on your windows if you pick the right style and material. You may also go for window planters. Not every home window will look better with window planters. Minimalist designs are often best left untouched. However, window planters do fit in perfectly in suburban homes. You may also choose awnings.

4) Both exterior and interior decorating would have mostly perennial features but also a few seasonal additions. Many homeowners like to induct a few seasonal decorative elements and this should also include windows. You may choose wreaths. Gift stores or craft shops and even the ever reliable department stores will have many exterior and interior decorating items for your windows depending on the season and the festivities you are planning to indulge in.

There are a few things you should bear in mind when you choose a way to beautify your windows. The functionality and durability of windows must not be compromised in the process. Insulation should not be affected in any adverse manner. If you have old windows, then you should consider upgrading them or changing them completely before you plan to invest some substantial money on window decoration. You should not choose any interior decorating fixture that makes your life difficult. You would still need to clean and maintain your windows so go for materials that do not complicate such routine chores.

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